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Starr rewrites PC based subscription fulfillment software provides a broad range of web based fulfillment services for both paid and controlled magazines. We cater to publishers of multiple and single titles. We also welcome associations and their special needs. Founded in 1988 and located in Moorestown, NJ with a national customer base.

Our new, state of the art PC based processing and relational database software combined with exceptional flexibility and aggressive pricing make a highly attractive alternative to any fulfillment option you may be considering.

Using a relational database platform accommodates a wide range of customization needs that we happily facilitate and unlimited demographic, promotional and financial data capture.

In addition, you’ll find our software allows you complete control over your data because it is designed to be extremely user friendly. It requires no special hardware, software or training.

Because our software puts you in control allowing you to produce most reports yourself and because we enjoy lower overheads resulting from the PC environment we operate in, our prices are usually significantly lower than our competitors.

Our staff has an average of over 20 years experience in paid and controlled titles in both the trade and consumer arena.

Subscription Fulfillment
The just released subscription fulfillment software provides publishers with complete control of subscriber databases.   Important features include the ability to query subscriber files by any field, to generate cross-hatch reports, output any field to a file and email or download the results. Users can access their databases for customer service functions (look ups), flash counts, and to add, delete or change advertiser comps.

All of this is done with browser based online access from anywhere in the world. No special software is required!   Nor is any special training required because the software is so user friendly.   And you will find that the software is amazingly fast compared to other PC and mainframe based systems.

Our fulfillment system provides ABC and BPA audits reports.   Controlled and paid information are clearly presented.

Using a relational database platform allows customization and unlimited demographic, promotional and financial data capture. For example, we can display virtually unlimited renewal, requal and payment histories. In addition, demographic codes are translated into clear language for easy interpretation.

Reader Service On line cards
Released in early '01, provides online access to reader service management reports, customized high/low reports and actual leads with all demographic information collected. The on line set up routine is the fastest in the business. In addition, your advertiser can download sales leads straight from the net, or email them anywhere in a myriad of file formats

Newly redesigned provides online subscription and/or reader service cards that comply with ABC/BPA rules and can be configured to match your web site. Requalification or renewal forms can be pre-populated with subscriber name and address. The reader service version of the webcard can email sales leads directly to your advertisers as they happen or in a batch mode on a predetermined schedule or both. We can also link your on-line directories with reader service to produce an integrated lead generation program.

Broadcast e-mail Online Demos
Send personalized bulk email to your subscribers straight from your file with Requalification time? Email them first and save a lot of dollars on postage! Weather it's an emailed renewal or requal a single click feeds directly to our prepopulated online subscription form for fast easy access by your subscribers. Many of our Internet products have online demos. Contact: or call 856-380-4100 for a guided tour or quote. Or, if you perfer to just check us out here, just click on the services menu to find out more about our products and services.

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